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AJ submerged aerators are an extremely flexible and versatile airing system for the treatment of waste-water and in every case air/water mixing is required . Elevated oxygen transfer values, low noise levels, increased reliability, low cost and rapidity of installation are just some of the advantages that our AJ submerged aerators offer.


These aerators are frequently used in waste water treatment plants, especially during homogenisation and equalisation, pre-airing stages, biological oxidation, oxidation-nitrfication, sludge stabilisation and post-airing stages. AJ radial submerged aerators can be utilised for the flotation of greases, oils and solids, at the relevant stages of flotation. This clearly means that they can be utilised during neutralization stages or in airing with high levels of oxigen. Re-circulation of the mixed air and water in the tank is carried out by two different movements: the principal or primary movement (Mp) and the induced one.

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