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High efficiency motors (HEEMIE3- HEEMIE2 with performance equal to that of motors respectively in Class IE3-IE2 of CEI EN 60034-30;CEI EN 60034-2-1) at FAGGIOLIPUMPS

Analyzing the cost of an electric motor during its whole life, it costs 2- 3% for initial investment, 1,5% maintenance cost and more than 95% for electricity bill. For these reasons it's a REAL BUSINNESS to buy one of our machine with HIGH EFFICENCY motors (High Efficiency Electric Motor HEEMIE3 percentage according to performance values of IE3 CEI EN 60034-30;CEI EN 60034-2-1). The lower cost of consumed electricity repay many times the additional purchase cost, thus saving a lot of money to our customers and also help reduce environmental impact, as well as increase our technological knowledge in order to better oppose worldwide competitors with the increasingly high quality of our products.

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