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Faggiolati Pumps SpA continues its commitment to energy saving and to the resolution of the different application problems with the new multi-channel "high efficiency" hydraulics



Multi-channel open rotor with high hydraulic efficiency, with selfcleaning blade profile which, through a special adjustable suction flange with grooves, allows the expulsion of solids and also fibrous

1 Shafts grided down in ball bearings and mechanical seals seats, over-dimensioned respect to standard parameters of use.
2 Motor asynchronous threephase squirrel cage type, insulation class H(180°C). Dry motor, cooled by surrounding liquid. Protection degree IP 68. The motor is projected for continuous or intermittent operation, with a maximum of 15 starts per hour at regular intervals. The motor is projected for working with 5% maximum voltage unbalance between phases.
3 Ball bearings overdimensioned, life lubricated, maintenance free.
4 Oil chamber oil lubricates and cools the seals and emulsifies eventual water infiltrations.
This electric pump has two types of seals for a perfect insulation between the electric motor and the pumped liquid.
Upper seal: Ceramic/Graphite.
5 Lower seal: mechanical, silicon carbide.
6 Rotors: made with a special self-cleaning anti-clogging blade profile, they are designed to provide high hydraulic efficiency and low energy consumption.


The submersible multichannel "high performance" pumps with self-cleaning blade profile can be used in almost any application; they are mainly used for the pumping of domestic effluent containing solids and fibrous materials, process water, civil and industrial sludge, waste water sumps in general.



Motor housing Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Impeller Spheroidal Cast-iron GS400
Electric cable Neoprene H07RN/F
Shaft Stainless Steel AISI 420B/431
O-rings and lip seal Nitrile
Bolts A2 class - AISI 304
Mechanical seal Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide


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