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Evolved, effective, efficient, … a solution for any application with "new generation" hydraulic.


The back-recess placed impeller is the hydraulic that provides a wide free-passage and insensitivity to wear from sand. The issue has always been the hydraulic efficiency and the sensitivity to rags : Faggiolati, thanks to the new generation machines, over the years went to work just on efficiencies and on the ability to resist to clogging: the impeller with conventional vortex, that had a maximum efficiency rate of 33% (1989), has undergone a first evolution with the introduction of the parting conical surface and of the fins for meridian circulation inhibition which has brought the efficiency to over 37% until the current latest evolution of vortex that thanks to the extension of the blading inlet edge towards the intake, improves the ability to pump wastewater having a strong presence of fibrous materials.


The multi-channel closed impeller is the hydraulic that provides the maximum hydraulic efficiency. In the face of this the simultaneous presence of an inlet edge perpendicular to the main flow and an overlapping disc makes high the risk of clogging from both solid and filamentary elements.

The new generation of channels impeller developed by Faggiolati solve the notorious issues that affect the closed impellers, thanks to open impellers equipped with an extended edge inlet that, through a special adjustable suction flange, allows to keep the "gap " to very low values.

The multi-channel cutting system impeller is the hydraulic that allows to keep high levels of performance even in applications that require high discharge head and low capacity ; thanks to the "third generation" of grinder submersible pumps the resistance to thin fibers clogging has improved by means of the development of new reduced number exposed blades. Moreover both the cutting system and the ability to resist to cavitation were optimized.




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