Progettazione e Costruzione di Elettropompe Sommergibili

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Our commitment to energy saving
Since 2010 we are re-designing the hydraulic part of our machines in order to increase their efficiency. From 2011-2012 we started working to bring all our motors to IE3 class by implementing, whereas possible, the technology of permanent synchronous magnet motor. Our target is to gain at least 5 efficiency points over the range between 1,5 Kw and 15 Kw. Faggiolati, sensitive to Energy issues since ever, between 2002 and 2010 has successfully completed several R & D projects relating to the Energy efficiency of submersible pumps and submersible aerators that ranked among the top first in the public body financing graded list. Thanks to the "third generation" submersible pumps, the energy efficiency goals, desired by the document "National Energy Strategy" issued by the Ministry of Economic Development at the end of 2012, are achieved.

High efficiency motors.
The submersible electric pump is made of two coupled machines: the electrical motor, which is the driving machine, has the highest yield compared to the pump that is the operating machine. Energy saving and emission reduction into the atmosphere can only be achieved if it is possible to make the machine working for as long as possible within the maximum efficiency area, by avoiding frequent start-ups and modulating the capacity on the basis of actual requirements. With the transition to efficiency class IE3, high performance values were achieved, furthermore, all motors were prepared to operate at variable speed through inverter. This allow to control at best the overall machine performance minimizing the operating costs.





New Generation Pumps

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